Sound Editing & Design

It has been more than twelve years since MAIA opened its first studio in sound editing. MAIA already had a concise strategy in the overall approach it wanted to use in the treating of soundtracks. Since the implementation of its first mixing studio, and with the emergence of 5.1, MAIA’s unique vision on the future of sound mixing has well been confirmed.

Today, three studio’s are devoted to sound editing, as well as a studio dedicated to sound design.

To work with the utmost efficiency and finesse, the MAIA team also relies on a range of IRCAM software as well as a considerable library of sounds which is enriched every year.

Studio Maia, studio B. Studio MAIA exerts its range and expertise in all genres and formats:

  • In Animation
    • For example in animation, such as the cartoon series Code Lyoko by Jérôme Mouscadet (seasons 3 and 4), produced by Moonscoop - France 3 and Canal J;
    • Podcats, produced by Okidoki – France 3 ;
    • Sherlock Yak, produced by Mondo TV ;
    • and The Jungle Book, produced by Moonscoop…