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An altogether unique concept

The concept :

Today, the studio proposes to remove the voices from the original movie soundtrack mix.

This new concept meets a real need in audiovisual production:

Right Clearance Solution

Indeed, a large number of publishers, producers have already experienced problems with music copyrights in their programs.

To this day, it was impossible to change the music track from a mixdown (voice and music together), forcing the producer’s to have to negotiate or renegotiate music copyrights.

In its continuing development in the dissociation of sound elements from a mixdown, MAIA is able to isolate the voices and effects of original soundtracks mixed with satisfactory quality.

Right Clearance Solution proposes to delete the music program whose rights are not clarified and replaced with music that will be free of copyright rights and will therefore be usable in its respective commercial purpose.

The concept involves two steps:

The first being the separation of the sound elements, such as voices, sound effects, background noise and ambient noise, necessary for the reconstruction of the mix.

The second is the composition of original music incorporating the original musical style. This work must be done in perfect sync with the work of dissociation, thus ensuring a perfect clarification in the music copyright for use.

To date, "Tour of Duty" seasons 1, 2 and 3 (German Version, Koch Media Distribution.) has taken advantage of this technology:

Our sample demonstrations are based on the series.

Starting from a mono mix (the more complex case) in German, you can listen to our example by clicking on the video below: