The RMD 5.1

Definition: RMD 5.1 is a remix in 5.1 from a stereo or mono mix, including appropriate restoration when needed. With respect to the work, no sound outside the soundtrack is added. The sound editing should be done only with the atmosphere, effects, sound effects and music from the original mix.

Note:The remixing in MAIA Studio 5.1 is completely crafted within the the studio – the upmixing is performed by the mixer, not a machine, therefore we do not call it upmixing but REAL MASTERING 5.1.

Since 2001, Studio MAIA has accompied DVD technology by developing Digital Remastering 5.1 (trademarked under the name RMD 5.1).

With RMD 5.1, MAIA proposes to transform a mono mix or stereo mix in REAL 5.1. While respecting the work both in its spirit and in its original sound components (no additions), the remastering can reconstruct a quality mix by analyzing components with our team of specialized engineers. By doing this, we illiminate random settings done by a traditional UPMIX, which does not take into account human values into the mix such as, placing background events and sounds in their respective spaces within the mix.

Unlike RMD 5.1, UpMix is a mastering method performed by a machine which splits the same signal on the 5 speakers. This results in undesirable results from both an artistic point of view as well from an ethical standpoint.


In contrast, Studio MAIA’s RMD 5.1 is a true remastering: handmade, crafted work by a team of sound editors and mixers, who reconstruct a 5.1 mix without altering the original soundtrack. REAL MASTERING 5.1.

The Studio is at the forefront of its craft, respectful of the original mix (mono or stereo), through the use of its technology : RMD 5.1. Because MAIA wants to keep moving forward and develp its technology into even bigger and better trends, it has been developing new technology that can isolate elements to an even smaller scale, particularly from the musical tracks.

Today, the result is convincing. MAIA inaugurated this new technology with the infamous 1960’s series, The Avengers, for Studio Canal Video. Through the RMD 5.1 ( REAL MASTERING 5.1 ) the music, which could be separated on a separate track, instrument by instrument, found a new vibrancy, power and intensity.

This success is largely attributed to MAIA’s vast experience combined with their artistic team that go far beyond the technological feat. By paynig attention to every detail they really make the project a work of art.

Thanks to the quality of the sound source seperation provided by RMD 5.1, Studio MAIA can drastically improve the restoration of the soundtrack by using the multiple channels provided in the 5.1.

Moreover, it is with the same attentiveness and experience that MAIA developed a verification process for these sound elements and sound mastering restorations, such as harmonization , and proper leveling and upgrading in TV and DVD technology.

Thus, Studio MAIA has gradually emerged with video editors (TF1 Video, Video Studio Canal, Universal Pictures Video, Empire, Editions Montparnasse, Wild Side ...) and institutional partners (CST CNC) as a specialist in the most demanding audio restoration and remastering 5.1.

Some references of 5.1 RMD from over 500 movies remastered in 5.1:

  • The Avengers, Ran by Akira Kurosawa (1985 ) and King Kong by John Guillermin for Studio Canal Vidéo ;
  • The series Twin Peaks, The Piano Lesson by Jane Campion (1993) and Bunker Palace Hotel by Enki Bilal for TF1 Vidéo ;
  • Ethan et Joel Cohen's Barton Fink (1991) for Wild Side ;
  • The documentary series: Wings of Nature by Jacques Cluzaud and Alfred Hitchcock's Suspicion (1941) for Éditions Montparnasse.