Since 1993, Studio MAIA primarily worked on mixing documentaries, but from 2001, under the leadership of Christophe Henrotte, MAIA has greatly diversified with the RMD 5.1, as well as animation and film.

In 2007, MAIA decided to open a film auditorium. This studio strengthens the sound in 5.1 and was one of the first to initiate this kind of work for the DVD market in France.

For its new studio, which meets Dolby and DTS standards, MAIA invested in a Icon D-Control 32 faders mixboard, with cinema and TV listening capabilities, as well as big screen projection and video projection.

The studio can host TV films, feature films, animation series in which the chain of sound can be fully supported, while offering various services in dubbing and sound effects.

In addition, the studio has two mixing studios TV, Studios A and B in the Boulogne studio's.

Another mixing studio for TV is available in Paris, 192 bis rue de la roquette: STUDIO MAIA 11th.

The mixdown at Studio MAIA was conceived as the ultimate step in the work done to the soundtrack, in succession to the sound editing and sound design. It is the last step in the same vision for the track, the two sides of the same coin if you will, and thus, in view of the construction of the soundmix for a film, these two successive operations on the soundtrack can not be developed separately. Hence, the importance that MAIA places on keeping the collaboration within its team as being a crucial part in bridging the two phases of work.

The mix gains in subtlety, consistency, creativity, and relevance, if the sound editing and the sound design were designed prior to the final mix.

Some examples:

In Documentary

  • The superpowers of the mole by Bressiant Pierre (2006) for Bonne Pioche: Mixing 2.0 and 5.1 of the English Version (VA) and French Version (VF);
  • Europe seen from the sky by Sylvain Augier Cusa and Bruno (2007) for 0927 Productions and Publishing Montparnasse: Mixing 2.0 and 5.1 of the VA and VF;
  • The Last Days of an Icon, documentary series produced by Sunset Presse - France 5 broadcast: Mix 2.0;
  • Paris from the sky by Sylvain Augier and Bruno Cusa (2008) for 0927 Montparnasse Productions and Publishing: Mixing 2.0 and 5.1 VF;
  • The Ile de France from the sky by Sylvain Augier and Bruno Cusa (2008) for 0927 Montparnasse Productions and Publishing: Mixing 2.0 and 5.1 of the VA and VF;
  • New Explorers documentary series produced by Bonne Pioche - Canal + broadcast

TV Movies:

  • The Great Flood by Bruno-Victor Pujebet (2006), Bonne Pioche - Canal + and Discovery Channel broadcast: Mixing 2.0 and 5.1 of the VA and VF;
  • Birds of Passage by Neil Hollander (1998), produced by Triangle Films Adventure Films Production - France 2 broadcast: Mixing 2.0


  • The Jungle Book Moonscoop 52 episodes 2011-2012 Podcasts by Eric Knight (2008/2009), 31 episodes, produced by Okidoki - broadcast by France 3;
  • Toto by Patrick Imbert (2008), 40 episodes, produced by Bayard Jeunesse Animation – broadcasted by Canal J: Mixing 2.0 MUSIC & EFFECTS (M & E) in VF;
  • Code Lyoko by Jerome Mouscadet (2006 and 2007) seasons 3 and 4, Moonscoop, broadcast on France 3 and Canal J: full support of the soundtrack VA and VF (excluding dubbing and music), sound editing the mix

Commercials, trailers, DVD bonus', making of DVD's, short modules ...:

  • North by Northwest Alfred Hitchcock (1959) and The Murder of Alfred Hitchcock (1954) for Warner - Romy Schneider Collection;
  • Twilight Zone Collection for Publishing Cobra;
  • Diva Beneix Jean-Jacques (1981) for M6 Video;
  • Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore (2002) Bonus DVD;
  • Playmate Tomahawk - M6 - The time of filming Sacha Production