Studio Philosophy

As of today Studio MAIA is one of the most renowned specialists in sound treatment anywhere. During its twenty years of existence, it has built a solid reputation while preserving its independence, reliability, creativity, discipline, experience, innovation and competitiveness.

Today, the Studio is classified as an innovative company and is supported by OSEO networks / RIAM / CNC / CAP DIGITAL.

MAIA hired a scientific research program in partnership with the public laboratory INRIA, on the separation of sound sources.

With its team of engineers, MAIA offers innovative services such as:

Remastering 5.1, SCR and site.

And also offers such activities as:

Mixes (film, documentary, animation, advertising, etc.)., Original music, sound editing, sound design, sound effects, dubbing, audio description, the creation of VI and laboratory work such as mastering , restoration, harmonization, encoding, and expertise.

This versatility appeals to our customers because the studio is able to meet all possible sound tech challenges needed to make the soundtrack of a movie.

Some examples:

  • Don Giovanni by Joseph Losey (1979): 5.1 remix and DVD movie (Gaumont Vidéo);
  • Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino (2003 et 2004): upgrading mixing cinema 5.1 for its DVD release (TF1 Video);
  • Penguins and Men by Luc Jacquet (2004), produced by Bonne Pioche: best original music award at the International Festival of Music and Cinema Auxerre;
  • In Jacques Chirac’s Skin by Karl Zero and Michel Royer (2006): 5.1 mix, harmonization 24i/s and the restoration of the entire archive;
  • Code Lyoko by Jerome Mouscadet (2006/2007), seasons 3 and 4, Moonscoop Animations, broadcasted on France 3 and Canal J: full support of the soundtrack EV and FV, including sound editing, sound design, sound effects, mixing;
  • Chapeau Melon et bottes de cuir (Studio Canal Vidéo) : restauration and RMD 5.1;
  • Heroes (Universal Pictures Video) and CSI (TF1 Video): Mastering 5.1.

MAIA Studio also offers a technology watch to all its customers, initiating training on innovations and technical developments (various mixes and codings).

MAIA also offers the advantage of a greater responsiveness on the part of the team of sound editors and mixers. This ability to adapt to changing circumstances also characterizes our fee schedules, flexible as well. Our prices attract young houses, as well as majors and independents, and do not constitute an obstacle for those who choose the talent and experience.

Strong in relevant expertise on market trends due to technical constraints present and future, highly experienced in 5.1 mixing, a recognized specialist in putting sound to images, Studio MAIA and its team are passionate interlocutors for video editors and producers, but also for the broadcasters of tomorrow, and sound artists of all time.